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Warranty period

Exhaustcity stands for high quality. You can therefore expect a good product when you purchase an item. Exhaustcity gives a two-year warranty on exhaust parts, being silencer, center silencer, pipe, front pipe, catalytic converter and manifold, provided you use the product normally. Is the problem with the product your fault? For example, because you have crossed a threshold or on the sidewalk and the exhaust is broken, you are not entitled to a guarantee.

Warranty procedure

If you believe that a defect has arisen due to a manufacturing fault and you wish to claim under the warranty, we ask you to follow the procedure below.

Contact our customer service. Make sure you have the order number or invoice number to hand.
Send the product to us. Also add a description of the complaint. If you prefer to bring the product in person then we ask you to make an appointment for this via customer service. If you cannot send the product or bring it to us, for example because it is still mounted under the car, we ask you to discuss the procedure to be followed with customer service.
The manufacturer will make a statement regarding the warranty application. This usually happens within 1 week. If this takes longer, you will receive a message from us immediately.
If the warranty request has been approved, we will send you a new product free of charge. If the product is no longer available, we will send you a replacement product or refund the purchase amount.

Extra information

Exhaustcity does not reimburse indirect costs.
It is possible that additional information is required before we can process a guarantee request. For example with a warranty request for a catalyst. For this, an official print-out of a 4-gas test is always requested. Without this we cannot process the guarantee request. The factory needs this 4-gas test to be able to assess whether the catalyst is eligible for warranty
Exhaust parts can have (an) dent (s) and / or (an) scratch (s). This is usually due to the way in which the factory transports the parts. This is generally stacked in containers or trucks. This has no influence on the sound, operation and warranty. Therefore, this is not a reason to claim the warranty.
To be eligible for a catalyst warranty, mounting paste must never be used on the front of the catalyst. This could cause damage to the inside of the catalyst. So: IF ASSEMBLY PASTA WAS USED ON THE FRONT OF THE CATALYST, THE WARRANTY IS VOID.

If you have any questions, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service, they will gladly help you further.

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