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You are also at the right place at for a suitable catalyst! In addition to many exhaust systems, we also have many catalytic converters from all car brands in stock. At you know for sure that you can be back on the road with confidence. A catalyst is nowadays an essential part of a car. Since 1992, a catalytic converter has even been mandatory for cars with petrol engines. This is to meet the legal environmental requirements.

Operation of a catalyst

Many people know the catalyst, but do not know what the effect actually is. A catalyst is usually located in the front of the exhaust system. It ensures that harmful substances emitted by the engine are neutralized. The harmful gases that are emitted are nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. In the catalyst, the harmful gases are converted into non-harmful gases via a chemical reaction. The noble metals that are in the catalyst are important here. These ensure that a catalysis takes place or a chemical reaction. Did you know, for example, that the word catalyst is derived from the Greek word Katalysis? Katalysis means dissolution in Dutch. A catalyst is also widely used in chemistry. A catalyst is understood to mean a substance that causes a reaction between two substances without changing itself.

A catalyst for all car makes

On you will find a wide range of catalytic converters from all car brands. You can easily search for this by car brand in the search function above. This way you can easily and quickly get the catalyst you are looking for! For example, we have catalytic converters from the well-known brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and Toyota.

Questions about the catalyst?

Are you unsure whether the catalytic converter fits your car or do you not know which one you need? Then please contact us. Our employees are always ready for all your questions! On you will find a wide range of exhausts and catalytic converters of all car brands, but we also have many lambda sensors in stock. All this at an affordable price!

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