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Are you going to assemble your exhaust yourself then we have a number of tips for you.

 Exhaustcity Tip  First check whether the exhaust is leaking. You can do this by closing the exhaust for a short time by, for example, holding a cloth against it. Then the hiss makes it easy to determine whether and where the exhaust is leaking.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Do not drive too long with a broken exhaust. Replace it as soon as possible. Not only for the MOT inspection, but also for your safety and driving comfort. When replacing one or more silencers, always check the condition of the entire exhaust system.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Before you start, it is handy to have all exhaust parts and tools ready. Put it on a cloth, the chance is smaller that you will stumble over it and everything is arranged together clearly.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Make sure you work safely! For example, use a set of ramps (or a pair of goats) and ensure that the car cannot roll off the ramps. Not only put the car on the handbrake, but also put the gearbox in gear. Allow the exhaust to cool before you begin.

 Exhaustcity Tip  If during dismantling it appears that exhaust clamps and bolts are rusted, first inject them with, for example, crawl oil or a similar material and let it soak. If you need to use a grinder, make sure that you do not damage or indent the part to which the new exhaust part is to be attached.

 Exhaustcity Tip  It is wise to also replace the mounting rubbers, as they can become porous over the years. Good suspension rubbers ensure that there is not too much space on the exhaust parts. If there is too much space on your exhaust, it might break.

 Exhaustcity Tip  To easily slide a suspension rubber over the suspension point of the silencer, you can lubricate a drop of oil on the rubber.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Always use new and correct gaskets. Make sure you also use the correct size clamp.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Install an exhaust from the front to the rear. So always start with the front exhaust part. You do not need to use much force in this, because all our exhaust parts are directly-fit. They can therefore be placed without making adjustments.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Do not immediately fix the installed exhaust part, but first tighten the bolts by hand. The final tightening is only done at the end.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Ensure that all exhaust parts are properly connected to each other and check that the exhaust hangs freely and does not touch the bottom of the car anywhere.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Use mounting paste to get a gas-tight connection. NOTE: if you replace a catalytic converter, NEVER use assembly paste before the catalytic converter as this may damage the catalytic converter. The use of mounting paste before the catalyst will void the warranty.

 Exhaustcity Tip  When using mounting paste, proceed as follows:

  •         first thoroughly clean the part where the exhaust part should come on and lubricate it with mounting paste.
  •         then lubricate the outlet part that you slide over the pipe on the inside with mounting paste.
  •         Now slide the ends over each other so that the notch is completely closed.
  •         Now attach the outlet clamp and tighten it by hand.
  •         Turn the exhaust part so that it hangs correctly.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Do not use impact tools when replacing a catalytic converter and do not attempt to install them with much force. All the catalysts that we supply are direct-fit, which means that they can be installed without modifications. If you have installed a catalytic converter by force, your warranty will expire.

 Exhaustcity Tip  See if there is enough space everywhere for the cables, brake hoses or fuel lines.

 Exhaustcity Tip  If the exhaust is completely tightened by hand and all connections are correct, tighten all bolts firmly from the front to the rear. You can use a wrench or socket set for this.

 Exhaustcity Tip  Now let the engine run warmly without giving gas at the same time. The mounting paste hardens earlier and seals the outlet well. Now check, as described above, whether the mounted exhaust is leak tight.

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