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Lambda Sensors

Lambda Sensors

Lambda sensor

On you will also find a lambda sensor for every car. We are one of the largest suppliers in the field of lambda sensors. That is why we have almost every lambda sensor of all car brands in stock. The lambda sensor can easily be sent or picked up in our warehouse.

Lambda sensor operation

A lambda sensor is a part of a car that many people don't know. A lambda sensor, simply called lambda, is like a sensor that measures the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. This sensor is very important because it measures whether as few harmful gases are emitted as possible. A lambda sensor therefore also contributes to a good environment. Another word for lambda sensor is oxygen sensor.

A good lambda sensor saves fuel!

Nowadays there are two lambda sensors in modern exhaust systems. The front lambda sensor measures the oxygen content that comes directly from the engine. The rear one measures this after the catalyst. This way it can be checked whether the catalyst is still working properly. This data is processed in the computer of the car. This ensures that the fuel ratio is optimized. This means that a good and working lambda sensor ensures that you do not use too much fuel. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet!

A lambda sensor for every car

On you will find many lambda sensors from various car brands. What do you think of the Mercedes, Volkswagen or Volvo brands, for example. All these lambda sensors are directly available from the warehouse. That way you will never have to wait long for your lambda! Does your lambda sensor measure that the catalyst no longer works properly? Then we also have a wide range of catalysts, available from stock!

Do you have questions about the lambda sensor or do you not know if it will fit your car? Feel free to contact us! Our employees are happy to assist you!

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