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Shipping costs


Exhaustcity ships your order to any address within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We can also send orders to countries outside the Benelux. You can find the shipping costs per country in the table below.

Shipping costs

exhaustcity flag netherlands  The Netherlands €  10,00
                   Texel €  20,00
                   Other Wadden Islands    €  30,00
exhaustcity flag belgium  Belgium €  20,00
exhaustcity flag luxembourg  Luxembourgh €  25,00
exhaustcity flag germany  Germany €  25,00
                   Surcharge Islands €  10,00
exhaustcity flag france  France €  35,00
exhaustcity flag austria  Austria €  25,00
exhaustcity flag poland  Poland €  30,00

For other countries please contact our customer service.

Other information

For deliveries outside the EU, import or customs duties can be calculated. As a customer you are responsible for this. If you want to know if that applies to you, please contact the customs authorities of the country concerned.
The shipping costs are calculated once per order, regardless of how many items you have ordered.
If you only order a mounting part, we can choose to send this by letter post.
You will always receive an e-mail that the package has been sent.
The courier cannot place the order in the garden or elsewhere, due to theft.
Pick up is also possible, but only by appointment. Please contact our customer service for this.

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